Tourist Car of tourist services and limousine

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Tourist Car of tourist services and limousine
A general touristic week and domestic sight-seeing,
The schedule in Egypt:
First day
Daytime : the Egyptian Museum - Giza Pyramids - Saqqara Pyramids
Evening, sound and light at the Sphinx
Second day
Mosque of Amr Ibn al-Aas
Citadel of Salah al-Din
The doors of Fatimid Cairo
At night, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif mosque , Hussein mosque, Khan al-Khalili
Third day
Leisure day. visit to Dream Land, Dream Park. Media Production City
At night visit the monument of the Unknown Soldier and the grave of late President Muhammad Anwar Sadat
Fourth day
Pharaonic Village during the day, free roundtrip in the city of Cairo,
Cairo Tower at night, dinner in class restaurant
Fifth day
Day visit to the city of Fayoum, where Lake Karun is, seven barmaids,
evening: river evening in floating boats on the Nile
Sixth day
visit to the Alexandria, Montazah Palace, gardens and beautiful beaches of Alexandria
At night, visit to Stanley Bridge, New Corniche, and one of the famous nightclubs in Alexandria
Seventh Day
Qaitbey Citadel, the library of Alexandria
At night, free tour within the city of Alexandria
Phone: 26397273
Mobile: 0103203210
61 Ibn El Hakam - Gesr el Suez

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